Who needs a wig?

Anyone who wants to:
● Fill in thinning hair until they regain their own hair.
● Replace hair lost due to chemotherapy or other medications.
● Cover thinning hair or hard-to-handle hair due to aging.
● Change their hair color and not damage their hair.
● Add length – NOW ! – Have long hair without the wait !


How do I know what style will look good on me?

The easiest way to know if a style is right for you is to go into a salon and let an experienced stylist help you make a good choice.

What type of wig should I purchase when undergoing cancer treatment?

This is open for debate. It really depends on the look you want and what you are willing to spend.
Today’s synthetic wigs are amazing. They are low maintenance, light, and the style is pretty much shake and go. You can choose what kind of cap you need, machine made, Monofilament top, or full hand tied. It will depend on your level of sensitivity.
If money is not an object, you can always go for the Remi (highest quality) human hair lace front, hand tied. But beware, It is human hair and therefore it will need to be re-styled every time you wash it, and it will be effected by the humidity.


How do I wash my wig?

The proper care of your synthetic wigs and hairpieces will keep them looking like new. Please read the following directions, and if you have any questions we are always happy to help.
Step 1: use a shampoo specifically formulated to clean synthetic hair. In a sink or basin, Mix a capful of wig shampoo in cool water and immerse your hairpiece. Let it soak for 3 minutes. Allow water to drain out of wig. Rinse soapy water residue out of sink.
Step 2: Fill sink with cool water and rinse the wig buy submerging gently. This may take more then one bowl of clean water. Rinse until all shampoo is removed.
Step 3: Towel blot your wig. Lay it on a towel and fold the remaining towel over it. Press down to blot out excess water. Do not twist or ring out, this will harm the wig fiber. Place your fingers inside wig to anchor and shake vigorously to eliminate the rest of the excess water.
Step 4: Spray wig liberally with leave in conditioner. Shake gently. Hang your wig upside down by placing a metal hanger through the base of your wig, (near tag), and place the hanger over your shower bar so your wig will dry more quickly then if you place it on a form. This will also allow the wig to have a nice fullness to it and it will make styling your wig effortless.
STEP 5: Once dry, shake gently and re-comb if necessary. Original style of piece will come back.


How often should I wash my wig?

We recommend Washing and conditioning your wig about every 8-10 wearings. This will also depend on how much product you use ( hair spray, mouse etc.) or how many hours you will be wearing your wig each day.
A good rule of thumb is if you wear it every day, you should wash and condition it at leasts once a week.
We highly recommend that you use the leave in Conditioning Mist fairly often in between washings to help the fibers stay fresh and soft like hair should be.


How many wig sizes are there?

Wigs are generally available in 3 sizes.
● Petite: Fits heads 20″ to 21″  ● Average: Fits heads 21 1/2″ to 22 /12″  ● Large: Fits heads 22 1/2″ to 24″  – (90% of all women fall into the Average size range)
All wigs are adjustable inside by an elastic velcro strap, to make the cap fit more tight or loose to suit your needs.


What are synthetic wigs made of?

Most synthetic wigs are made of Kanekalon fiber.
Kanekalon is perhaps the most practical and realistic looking fiber and is used extensively by all the top Wig Designers. Kanekalon best simulates human hair, and is not effected by the weather like human hair may be.
It is also the most resilient fiber we have today, it is very durable and it will withstand wash after wash, maintaining its beauty and softness, when taken care of properly.


Can I dye my wig?

Synthetic hair CAN NOT BE COLOR TREATED.  Synthetic wigs are made out of a fiber, which does not grab color.  You may ONLY dye human hair wigs.

Can I wear a wig if I have long hair?

Yes, you can fit all your hair in a wig cap.  First bobby pin your hair flat to your head and then put on a wig cap and tuck any loose hairs. This will hold your natural hair in place. Then put on your wig. The wig cap will give you a more secure fit without lumps.

Does insurance cover the purchase of a wig?

Some insurance companies cover the cost of the wig if your hair loss is due to a medical condition or treatment. Please check with your Insurance provider to see if you are covered.
We do not file your insurance, but we can supply you with most of the forms you will need to send to your insurance company. You will need a prescription from your Doctor. Have your Doctor write the prescription for a “Cranial Prosthesis” not “A Wig”.


My wig does not fit comfortably. What’s wrong?

All wigs are not the same size. They vary in circumference from 19″ to 23″.
Like fitting a hat properly, SIZING does matter.


How can I get it to fit better?

Most times simple alterations will help. You can have it done by a professional. We specialize in alterations.

I’ve lost my hair and my scalp is sensitive. What can I do?

You might want to wear a nylon cap on your head as it will help prevent the wig wefting (the base stitching of the piece) from causing as much friction.
Or you may consider purchasing a wig that has a mono-fiber top. This is a smoother fabric that gives a more realistic look to your hair style.
If your scalp is very sensitive you may want to look at a full hand tied wig.


How much should I spend on my wig or hair replacement?

There is really no absolute as everyone views the value of hair augmentation differently. Many nice hair replacements or wigs can be found for under one hundred dollars.
Depending on the type and quality of material used, and the colors and styles desired, you can spend several hundred dollars.
But if you feel good about how you look and how your self-confidence can be strengthened …then it’s worth every penny spent.


If you have a question we did not answer

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about anything we did not address on this FAQ page. We are always happy to help you.